Public, Private, Home School? Common Core?

Well, let me start by saying, my kids would quickly get behind if we went the home school route!  My first grader comes home telling me there are over 100 rules to remember in spelling.  Huh?  I have two rules…learn to spell the word or use spell check.  I’m sure I learned the official rules or at least an abbreviated number of spelling rules, but they obviously did not stick.  Except for “I before E except after C.”  I use that one every once in a while.  Anyways, I hear there are many ways one can make this home school thing work.  Part-time home school and part-time at a school for the home schooled.  Whatever that means.  And then those that just home school.  Which I am still trying to figure out…I see many facebook notes saying their kid(s) got the day off because they are doing so well, or just because the weather is nice and they want to be outside.  As for private, not really against the whole idea of private schools, just against the price tag that comes with them; I’d fully support uniforms. So, like it or not my kids are joining millions of others in the public school system.  Now we are very fortunate people…we live in a state that offers school of choice, so we did lots of research and selected the best public school for our children.  And we love it!  However, we do have concerns about this Common Core Curriculum.  In a recent conversation with my son’s teacher I learned that Common Core is not really implemented in his school at his age.  Fortunately it does not really come into play until my child reaches 3rd grade and starts taking the CRCT, so I am hoping it is removed before then.  We have been blessed with two very bright children, therefore, the challenge Common Core sends our way is keeping our children challenged.  They have his current class divided into four sections based on where they are academically.  This allows the more advanced children to move at a faster pace and allows those that are further behind to move at a slower pace.  The perfect set up if you ask me.  But why so much pressure on test scores as they get older?  I have been out of college and working for 15+ years now and I can’t tell you a single time my boss has walked by my office and tossed a multiple choice test on my desk to see how I perform.  Isn’t there another way to measure school performance without the stress and pressure on our children?




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