Too Fast? Too Slow?

We live in Metro Atlanta which keeps rapidly growing.  Honestly, I think the population is greater than some small states.   And although I have lived in big cities all of my life and am used to the fast paced lifestyle, I often wonder if it is moving too fast.

My job is simply ten miles north of our home in a city called Cartersville, but it is not included in metro Atlanta…and they are proud of it!  They want nothing to do with Atlanta. The pace of life there is moving at half the speed of smell.  I am continually amazed at the difference in culture just ten miles apart.  Where we live families are busy with their over committed schedules and everyone seems to be in a hurry.  Need to cross the road?  You better check twice!  Someone might run you over.  You need to change lanes in traffic?  Good luck!  The light turns green…you have about two seconds to go or the car behind you will be honking.  Go!  Go!  Go!  But oddly enough, everyone seems happy.

In Cartersville, if you need to cross the road, people will stop in the middle of traffic to let you cross (without a crosswalk).  The light turns green and you’re not paying attention, no problem, take your time.  Horns are not needed.  They just recently got an express oil change.  Again, no rush!  Everyone has lived here since birth, and except for a possible trip to college, they stay here for life.  I try to remind them that I-75 runs through the middle of their city.  Get out and explore the world!  But everyone knows everyone and loves it.

Due to the fast pace I have gotten used to in life, the snail pace they live at almost stresses me out at times.  As I see the two speeds of life I often wonder who has it right, or if there is a middle ground.  Does time slow down if you move at a slower pace?



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