Summer is here!

Well, it is officially summer (as far as school goes).  I am proud to say I shed no tears at my daughters pre-k graduation. Maybe because, unlike when my son graduated from pre-k, I know what is on the other side of the rainbow….an excellent school where we know and love the teachers. Or maybe it is because we are not really closing the Primrose chapter in our lives yet, between summer camp and after school. Or it could be the 5 years of friendships my son had built at Primrose all got split up and sent to different schools…even today those are my son’s best friends and the families we spend the most time with; my daughter’s class just never had that tight bond.  I’m not sure…but it was much easier to smile than expected.

On a lighter note, the pool is open and everyone is ready for the holiday weekend. Our neighborhood pool is like a major water park! And on holiday weekends like this it is so crowded it just looks like a bunch of penguins standing up in a pool (Honestly, the temperature of the water is still cold enough penguins might enjoy it!) Several small slides, mushrooms, dumping buckets and more for the kids and even a huge slide for anyone 48″ or taller. I have not tried it yet. We have lived here 7 years! Have you ever seen one of those coin machines where you drop the coin in, it goes down a tunnel and drops into a bowl where it spins round and round then drops out? Well, that is how our slide works. And I haven’t found the urge to test it yet. I have promised I will try it one day but it will definitely require a couple of beers first. The funny part is, due to all the top notch pool attractions, we have lots of “new” friends in the summer. I already had a friend invite herself yesterday. I have decided we should charge a fee to all our “new” friends each summer and it might cover our neighborhood dues each year. Now off for some summer fun!



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