Our Dog-Gone Dog!

Our dog is such a cutie.   She is almost two years old and still quite puppy.  She loves to eat everything in the house except her bones and toys.  Lucky for her, she is absolutely adorable.  She is a boxer/hound mix and brindle.  She has those cute droopy ears and those adorable puppy dog eyes that keep me from staying mad at her for too long.  Her name is Boots.  We got her shortly after our last dog went to “live on the farm.”  

Our last dog was Maggie.  We had Maggie for 10 years, even before our children.  She was 2.5 years old when we got her and was a shepherd/hound mix; the calmest dog you would ever meet.  She was so protective of us (unless there was a thunderstorm, then we were on our own and she was under the coffee table).  She loved people…not a huge fan of other dogs though.  The best Maggie story was one day when I was upstairs playing with the kids in the playroom and I had just put some water on the stove to boil in the kitchen.  The water boiled over just enough to put the flame out.  Maggie comes running upstairs to the playroom, starts barking and shaking her head toward the door (very Lassie-like).  After I realized she was serious about something I went down to the kitchen and she walked over to the stove and barked, where I then realized the flame was out but the natural gas was still on at the stove.  She was such a good dog.

And then came Boots.  When we got Boots, one of my dearest friends that always says what is on her mind, looked at me and said, “with two small children, what the &*^% were you thinking getting a puppy?”  Good point!  And honestly, I don’t know except we missed Maggie and the kids wanted a new dog.  Two years later I am still trying to figure out to train a puppy.  I think I have done a decent job training two kids, but I am certainly struggling with the dog.  Don’t eat the kids’ toys!  Don’t eat the socks!  Don’t eat the shoes!  The worst…she loves toilet paper!  She must be reasonably smart though, because like me, she thinks Charmin is the best.  I send her outside for a while and she barks at everything.  I bring her inside, she eats everything.  How do you put a dog in time-out?  I can’t take away her bones; I need her to eat those instead of the toys.  Well, like I said, at least she is super cute!



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