Magnificent Manners

First thing this morning I had one of those annual check-ups for insurance that requires one to go 9-12 hours without food and drinks. I can handle the “no food,” but no coffee does not go over well. Especially on a morning in Georgia where it feels like 16 degrees (with the wind chill). Yes, all you people up north can make fun of us…I am perfectly OK with that. Anyways, I could not get to the Starbucks across the street quick enough after my appointment. The most impressive part was the little girl inside Starbucks, who I am guessing was around 9 or 10 years old, that stepped outside to open the door and hold it for me. Of course, I can handle the door on my own, but I am always impressed to see children that have impeccable manners. It is very encouraging to see those still exist. I would be extremely proud of my children if they did that. Yes…this is coming from a mother of two younger children who know this takes time and continual effort…and good manners are something we always enforce. I simply hope what I try to teach them sticks one day. It was very promising to see hard work in this area can payoff as a parent.


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