Spring Catch 22

It is that time again…spring!  I love spring…the beautiful Atlanta weather has returned, the longer days are almost here, spring sports are back in session and people are outside and interacting more. There is just one small downfall (besides the pollen). As you start running into friends and discussing your need to get together and catch-up after Georgia’s “winter” hibernation season, you realize you have no free time. Between both of my children, Monday through Thursday are all taken with soccer practice; then games are on Saturday and Sunday, leaving us one free night…Friday. Now what are the chances two families are free the same night? Pretty slim. The other family has lacrosse…or baseball…dance…you name it. So you end up planning to get together again when school lets out and sports are over. How has society turned to such a fast-pace lifestyle, that we hardly have time to sit down and hangout with friends for an entire season? Of course team sports are very important to our family. However, my children are often just asking for time at home to play with the kids on our street. Is the balance we are living right now really out of whack?  What are we teaching our children? I don’t know the real answer…

Image result for overcommitted kids


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