Our Little Devil Zeke

So I mentioned our puppy, Zeke. I am honestly struggling with the little guy. He is absolutely precious; sweet, cuddly. Just a couple of downfalls: he jumps over our fence, he goes under our fence, he eats our house and everything in it, he eats our new deck, he eats our carpet…need I go on? At first I thought it was the normally puppy behavior, but he’s not our first puppy and it seemed extreme. Feeling like a failing doggy parent, I told my husband, after almost 6 months, it was probably best that we find Zeke a better home. With our busy work, school and sports schedules, I figured he needed a family with more spare time.

So I made a couple of phone calls. First to the wonderful lady that keeps our dog(s) when we go on vacation. She has a 12 acre dog farm where the dogs have plenty of friends and space to run around. (Honestly, I’m surprised they ever want to come home.) I asked Sherrie if she knew of anyone that might want to give this dog a good home. I was quickly given the reassurance I needed in this relationship…it’s not me, it’s him. And obviously I had failed miserably at researching my dog breed. Sherrie explained this breed, rat terrier, never slows down as long as they are alive. They are destructive if not entertained 24/7. Unlike my five year old dog, Boots, that mainly ensures the sofa stays in the same place, Zeke would always be a struggle. It appears Sherrie knows crazy people that love this type of dog, so she said she’d check to see if they would like a new family addition.

In the meantime, I called the dog trainer and asked what I could do to improve the situation. Jen, the trainer, reiterated the intelligence and mischievous behavior of this breed and explained the only way to keep it in your yard is on leash…in the fence!!! What the…? Is this really a dog??? Oh, and when in the house, keep the dog attached to a leash so you can get them quickly when they are getting into something they shouldn’t be. ????? Again, what the….???

I have had to accept I have now failed as a doggy parent. But fortunately I seem to be doing reasonably well with my two children and the other dog. They are all breathing, eating and getting the proper amount of sleep. My plants seem alive too! Anyone want a really cute rat terrier?

5 thoughts on “Our Little Devil Zeke

  1. Why not try to leave your dog with a long filled with food when you leave and try to spray lemongrass spray on what he usually chews? Dogs usually hate the smell.

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