Christmas Shopping Procrastinator

I must ask, how did we ever get all of our Christmas shopping done before the days of Amazon? Online shopping at Target? Toys R Us? I was amazed last night at the number of items already sold out online. Who are these people that start shopping so early and why can’t I be one of them? I was feeling pretty good for my December 5th shopping.

I spent hours online last night shopping and luckily knocked out several items, until my bank locked my card down temporarily due to the large amount of purchases. When calling to confirm details, I told them I truly appreciated the monitoring of my bank account, however, us procrastinators that don’t start shopping in July, may have a rush of purchases at one time in December. I thought there were lots of us out there! Maybe it is just me.

But I do honestly look at how busy life has come between work, kids and commitments at the holidays and wonder how we survived before the days of online shopping. I know our schedule is pretty full already for the next couple of weeks…yours?

While killing some time between soccer games this past weekend on the other side of Atlanta we went to large mall nearby. So large they felt the need to have two Bath & Body Works??? The stores were packed full; as a result you could hardly move. And lines at the registers were so long, you better grab a coffee or beer (your preference) to get through them…you were going to be there a while. Now, who would do that more than once? After one store of that fun we decided to just stroll through and purely window shop. As I think about this, maybe that is why everything is sold out online!


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