More than Bread and Milk

I have quit paying attention to the weather forecasters. It is nothing personal, but they have a 50/50 chance of being right and normally, when it comes to “inclement” weather, they are wrong. This past Friday had the potential of 1/2 -one inch of snow. Whatever…I did not run out to the store and buy the bread and milk. I had decided to rebel. As you may know, Atlanta can get very excited over an inch of snow. But no! I was not giving in this time. My husband was traveling and he laughed, assuring me this is the time it would actually happen. Sure enough!

snow dec 2017I had the kids in the car ready to go to school, but was getting the vibe we were about to repeat Snow Jam 2014! So I decided they were staying home from school. Within an hour the snow went from not sticking to the grass, to white covered roads. I decided to give in and grab those unnecessary groceries and head home. After about 24 hours of snowfall and 17 hours of no power, our potential one inch of snow had turned into twelve inches!

Now I felt pretty prepared for the power outage – when lights started flickering, I made a couple frozen pizzas. They came out of the oven 10 minutes before the power went out! I had milk…bread (I have never figured out the reason for the bread…maybe some southern thing!)…bottled water…batteries for flashlights, and enough candles to smell like a Yankee Candle store! Yuck! The beer supply was sufficient. However, the one most important item I did not have…instant coffee! Now thanks to YouTube and cell service, I was able to make coffee using a Keurig coffee cup, without electricity. But that requires a lot of patience and made quite a mess. Therefore, my list of necessity for snow storms has changed…bread, milk and instant coffee!

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