My Kids and My Dogs Have Several Similarities!

I look at my children and laugh each day…I can’t imagine life without them. They are awesome! My son, the oldest child, is pretty well behaved. You tell him to do something, he usually obeys. My daughter on the other hand, has those second child traits. She is stubborn and could kick some serious butt. I think she could kick her brother’s! You tell her to do something, and she will look at you and immediately do what you told her not to! She is my patience tester when she is tired and having a bad day. I know one day her strong-will could be beneficial, but probably not during the teen years.

Recently, we thought it would be a good idea to get a puppy to be friend our other dog. I have no idea what we were thinking!!! And of course, it was our daughter that talked us into that nutty idea. Our older dog is obedient, and our puppy is stubborn and strong-willed. See any similarities yet? If I look at the dogs and tell them to quit play fighting in the living room, my older dog looks at me with that look of, “Mom looks very upset, we better listen and go outside!” The puppy looks at me and goes right back to the fun.

Hmmm….two of each of them? Not sure about this!


Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Where is the Charmin?

Yesterday, the husband was sent on a mission to stop by the grocery store and buy a couple of things before company came over. On the list was toilet paper. Evidently additional details were needed. Now as much as I do love my Charmin, it can be a little pricey, so I will bend and go with Quilted Northern or Cottonelle, depending on which is on sale for the week. But we do have softness standards. Jonathan comes home with single ply Scott’s toilet paper. A leaf would have done a better job. But I played along until I got to the store the next time.

My daughter went in the bathroom and came out quite disturbed. “Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Where is the Charmin?” After a burst of laughter, I explained I would fix the situation at the store, but we still needed to use the paper dad had bought. She walked over to dad to have a serious, deep conversation about her toilet paper requirements, and explained that girls need this far more often than boys. “Dad, this is like paper on your bottom!” Needless to say, I think Jonathan understands the toilet paper softness requirements now.

To add to this story, I think our dog is also a toilet paper snob. He loves to sneak in the 1/2 bath and grab the toilet paper off the holder and chew on a good roll of Charmin. I have not figured that one out…but I saw Zeke walk into the bathroom, play with the roll and walk away. Even the dog was not interested in the Scott’s single ply. Have I created these toilet paper snobs? Needless to say, I hope my daughter never ends up stranded in the woods with nothing by leaves for a wiping resource.

New Halloween Tradition? NEVER!

So we live in one of those massive size subdivisions that has more houses than many small towns. It definitely has its pros and cons…if you want to pass butter from your deck to your neighbors with little effort…perfect! If you are looking to have privacy, or hoping your child having a temper tantrum in the floor is not heard a house or two down…not the best! If you want your children to be surrounded by plenty of kids for playing, and plenty of parents that can hang out with a glass of wine on a Friday night relaxing, it has it benefits.

Well, last night was the first year we changed our Halloween tradition and left our bright and lively hood. With both kids having best friends in the same neighborhood a little drive away, we decided we try something new. The downfall you ask? Bang_ConcreteWell, those houses have spacious one acre lots and it was quite empty because those homeowners decided to visit our on-top-of-each-other neighborhood for Halloween. More bang for your buck and fast…three houses vs. one per acre. And not only were their houses further apart, because so many of them were not home, it was dark and you only got candy at every 4th or 5th house. Now, even using that common core math, I don’t think you benefit at Halloween with the one acre lots!

Needless to say, we tried something new and have decided next year it is back to the tradition on our own street of compact housing. The company last night was great, we just have to show them the benefits of coming to us (see key points above). Of course, I love to joke about suburbia, but we honestly love our community. And honestly, my kids forget about the Halloween candy within 3-4 days, so I couldn’t care less about the candy either. It is simply interesting to see how hard it can be to change traditions, especially for the parents. Traditions are great things and something I hope my kids remember when they are older.

The Yellow Envelope

I am a very fortunate person. I have two healthy children, a job that is pretty flexible when it comes to children events, sick kids, doctor’s appointments and more. But some days, no matter how hard I try, I feel I just can’t get it right. Dance two days a week, soccer two nights a week…and God bless all you people that have more than two kids. Hats off to you! Between my kids, two dogs and husband, I am full. Now honestly, usually the husband behaves.

Not sure how your week works, but believe it or not, my craziest day is Tuesday. I’m in the office until 5 p.m., from there it is pick up the kids and get to 6 p.m. soccer practice. Still not too bad…the fun you ask? The chore of getting homework, official dinner ready (snack provided before soccer), lunches made for the next day and signing off on the lovely yellow envelope the teachers send home every Tuesday in the backpacks at 8 p.m. Oh, I forgot…getting the kids to bed. Don’t they know any other day would work better? I feel I am lying when I remove the school work for the week, sign and return the envelope saying I have reviewed the contents, when in reality, looking at what came home in that will have to wait until Wednesday. Oh, I want to see their work, look at their grades and talk to them about it…just not on Tuesday!

In addition to preferring a different delivery day, the yellow envelope has created a great deal of humor in our home. My husband’s job is far more time consuming and involves frequent traveling. So, I handle all school things. Recently, we were at some friends’ home and discussing how the soccer team was going the get their summer camp message out to all the kids in the school. Eric and Allison are both teachers in our school system, and agreed they’d just be placed in the yellow envelopes. My husband, with a very puzzled look, quickly asks, “What are the yellow envelopes?” Eric quickly stopped Jonathan…”I would not go there Jonathan…you are only burying yourself.” Now keep in mind, we have a 5th grader and a 3rd grader…this envelope has been a part of our lives now for nearly 6 years. Needless to say, my husband now knows about the infamous yellow envelope we all love!

Honestly, as my kids keep growing up way too fast, I know it won’t be long and I will miss this envelope. And funny enough, that is one thing I save at the end of each school year.

I believe in Santa, but the Tooth Fairy?

My oldest child is getting to the age where soon those deep conversations about Santa will surface. Now, he’s my sweet boy that wants to believe no matter what he hears. And of course I love that, but I realize I may only have one or two more Christmas seasons in which the secret will be safe. On the other hand, my daughter is the younger one, and once she hears the rumors, the secret will be over. It deeply saddens me! If only I could slow down how fast they are growing up.

It was a recent car ride with Avery, when he tells me he believes in Santa, but not so much in the Tooth Fairy. When I asked for an explanation, I had to work hard to keep a straight face! “Mom, the Tooth Fairy has got to be you and dad…sometimes she forgets the first night!” Oops! Confession…we have had a couple of those, but I have always tried to cover it up with a letter from the Tooth Fairy explaining that she ran out of time because so many teeth were lost that day. It appears he’s not buying that.

The part I have struggled with is how to be reasonable and expect them still to believe. We were lucky to change the conversation topic from the Tooth Fairy, but another day he admitted he did not believe the Santa where we have pictures taken is really a brother of Santa’s. I agreed with him on that and explained the pictures were just something mom and dad liked to get; hoping if I give him a little credit for figuring that out, he’ll believe in the real Santa a little longer. If only I could slow down time…

Spring Catch 22

It is that time again…spring!  I love spring…the beautiful Atlanta weather has returned, the longer days are almost here, spring sports are back in session and people are outside and interacting more. There is just one small downfall (besides the pollen). As you start running into friends and discussing your need to get together and catch-up after Georgia’s “winter” hibernation season, you realize you have no free time. Between both of my children, Monday through Thursday are all taken with soccer practice; then games are on Saturday and Sunday, leaving us one free night…Friday. Now what are the chances two families are free the same night? Pretty slim. The other family has lacrosse…or baseball…dance…you name it. So you end up planning to get together again when school lets out and sports are over. How has society turned to such a fast-pace lifestyle, that we hardly have time to sit down and hangout with friends for an entire season? Of course team sports are very important to our family. However, my children are often just asking for time at home to play with the kids on our street. Is the balance we are living right now really out of whack?  What are we teaching our children? I don’t know the real answer…

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My life is ruined mom!

At ten years old…really?

So it is Red Ribbon Week at school, which means another round of spirit week for mom to coordinate. Yea! Today…PJ day. I could honestly endorse this ONE. It made my life much easier this morning when getting ready for school. Just add socks and shoes. Perfect!

Well, of course, we don’t really make sure the kids have matching tops and pajama bottoms each night for their sleepwear, so this did require a little work yesterday. Off to buy new fall weather pajamas for the year. We found exactly what we needed rather quickly. Owls for my daughter, and I fell in love with the “Y’all Yeti for this?” set I found for my son. Now, I thought it should have been covered in Yeti coolers and cups, but it was actually covered with the big furry yeti instead.

So, I broke away from the office today and had lunch with my son, only to find he still had on his hoodie because he was embarrassed about the Yeti joke (even though he liked it yesterday). Despite his friends saying how funny the shirt was, he would not give in. A few seconds later he turned to me and said, “Mom, my life is ruined!” He said it with a small smirk so I don’t feel too bad for making fun of this situation. I assured him I would make his life much more miserable later in life. Ten years old is nothing buddy!

But my favorite part was the adorable, little red-headed girl across from me that said, “Mrs. Bohlander, did Avery just say you were ruining his life?” I replied, “Yes.” Sydney went on to say, “Good! Then you are doing your job as a mom!”