Back in the Swing of Things

Well, the school year is now underway. The crazy summer had me slacking off a little on the blog. My kids are loving school, even the kindergartener. Unlike my son that cried and reached for me as I walked out the door, my daughter simply confirmed I would come back for her, then said good-bye without the tears. The odd part…we have been in school for over two weeks now, and today Emory cried as I dropped her off in the carline. “I don’t want to go mommy!” Wow, did that tear at my heart strings. How can their tears make us moms so emotional? So of course I cried on the way to work. I am such a sucker!

On a lighter note, my son has had a smooth adjustment to second grade. I think he is actually starting to build friendships and looks forward to school.  Always a good feeling for us parents! Now, the most entertaining part of the school year so far are the updates I receive from my daughter’s kindergarten teacher and par pro. One morning I was actually pulled aside in the hallway and told “Emory is PERFECT!” Oh my gosh! Are you sure we are talking about my child? Perfect? Really?  “She just sits in class, obeying all the rules, raises her hand, stays quiet when asked to.”  Now I’m not sure if they are amazed at any child who behaves like that, or just because they had my son two years ago, and she just is not behaving very Bohlander-like.  Regardless, the word perfect did give me a good chuckle.  Thinking I should record her and her brother fighting one afternoon and show that to her teachers.  She has quite a devil side to her.  Lucky for her, she is super adorable!

Despite all the joking, I honestly have to say, we are so lucky to have two happy, social, normal children that love school.  It makes our lives much easier.  I am thankful every day for our excellent school and teachers.  Another year is underway…boy does the time fly!


The Calm After The Storm

It had an eerie feel to it…it was just shy of 9:00PM last night and there was a vivid rainbow in one direction, a bright orange sky in another direction and a purple/pink sky in the other direction.  This was shortly following an odd round of thunderstorms that came through Atlanta last night.  Fortunately, the storms did not cause any damage in our area; the most amazing part was afterwards.  I was traveling home on US41 and all the cars were breaking as they saw this gorgeous sight. My four year old compared the orange glow to the sky we had seen once before when we were sent to the back of a store because a tornado had been sighted in the area (I am continually amazed at the things kids remember). This is a gorgeous scene that you don’t see very often.



Sounds like an odd subject, doesn’t it?  Well, it went kinda like this…my son was already missing his buddy from school after just one week.  So, I texted the mom and scheduled a “play date.” (I have a confession…I hate the phrase “play date.”) Anyways, his friend comes over to hang out.  Great!!! New problem…my daughter won’t leave them alone.  OK.  So I call the neighbor down the street and ask her to send her daughter down to keep my daughter from driving my son crazy.  So Ally comes down to play.  But I was a little confused.  What in the world should I do with both kids playing?  I could actually accomplish something around the house.  Hmmmm.  So I pulled out the paint and touched up several walls in the house! Holy cow! This was not normal. It was nice to have a chance to get our walls presentable again, but I must admit, a little part of my heart sunk thinking my little ones were growing up and wanting less time with mom and more time with friends. Of course I would not change that for anything. As I have gotten older in life I have realized, brains will only get you so far in life (unless you want to be something like a doctor, scientist, etc). Fifteen years out of college I look around in the work world; no one cares who had a 4.0, but social skills are far more important.  

paint bucket

More Time Off?

Let me start by saying, I truly admire what teachers do.  And I do not believe they get paid nearly enough.  With my two kids, an occasional bad day can be very draining, much less if I taught 20 of them.  We have been very lucky with teachers so far…I have loved all of them!  I helped my son’s teacher occasionally this past year and I can certainly see the reward of being a teacher…IF all the children are well behaved.  There really are a lot of sweet children out there.  But as with most classes, when I occasionally helped his teacher, there were a couple of kids that I found to be rather challenging (to put it nicely); and I bet my child could be one of those challenges at times.  His teacher amazed me…she was always so calm and mellow; she just had that soft voice and “the look” that made the kids feel guilty for letting her down.  You know “the look” I’m talking about! (I often joked with my husband that she had to drink a lot to be that laid back!) I admired her teaching style. 

Now here is the dilemma…as one who grew up in a fairly strict home with discipline, I have decided I am definitely not teacher material.  Of course, I certainly agree with taking spanking out of the schools (like they had when I was a kid), but let’s face it, teachers have very little options when it comes to discipline these days. However, I am quite jealous of the many breaks teachers receive.  Our county is now on a calendar that has a week-long fall break, a week-long winter break, a week-long spring break, in addition to the normal two weeks of Christmas break.  And let’s not forget summer (I realize they do work some in the summer). Think about spending the summer at the pool and having plenty of time to rejuvenate throughout the year!  As a working parent I think about all the money I could save on child care/summer camps if my job had the same schedule.  My three weeks of vacation certainly does not cover all the school days off.  So, I think a new job needs created for those of us that are not meant to be teachers in life, but provides the same work schedule.  Any ideas? 


A Frozen Summer

It may be hot and sunny here in the ATL but inside this house it is still Frozen…yes I can almost quote the movie because I have seen it so many times. I even have three songs from the movie on my iPhone (as requested) so we can listen to them in the car! Well, I was unloading the dishwasher when my daughter told me it was time to play Frozen. A little curious what that meant, I stopped the dishes and played along. Basically, she wanted to start from the beginning and reenact the movie. I was quickly corrected if I got any line wrong.

So many times I get wrapped up with cleaning the house, doing laundry and emptying the dishwasher that I forget to take time to enjoy the four year old that wants to play pretend. My first impulse is to say, “give me five more minutes sweetie.” But I have tried lately to step away from the crazy house maintenance and spend that special time with my kids. My son will ask for cuddle time…I love cuddle time! Before I know it they will be grown up and thinking mom and dad are so NOT cool! My house is far from spotless. If you want to come by, you are more than welcome, I just need an hour to hide laundry, shut doors and clean up enough to make things presentable. But I love this priceless time with my kids that I will never get back. There will be plenty of time to clean later.



Summer is here!

Well, it is officially summer (as far as school goes).  I am proud to say I shed no tears at my daughters pre-k graduation. Maybe because, unlike when my son graduated from pre-k, I know what is on the other side of the rainbow….an excellent school where we know and love the teachers. Or maybe it is because we are not really closing the Primrose chapter in our lives yet, between summer camp and after school. Or it could be the 5 years of friendships my son had built at Primrose all got split up and sent to different schools…even today those are my son’s best friends and the families we spend the most time with; my daughter’s class just never had that tight bond.  I’m not sure…but it was much easier to smile than expected.

On a lighter note, the pool is open and everyone is ready for the holiday weekend. Our neighborhood pool is like a major water park! And on holiday weekends like this it is so crowded it just looks like a bunch of penguins standing up in a pool (Honestly, the temperature of the water is still cold enough penguins might enjoy it!) Several small slides, mushrooms, dumping buckets and more for the kids and even a huge slide for anyone 48″ or taller. I have not tried it yet. We have lived here 7 years! Have you ever seen one of those coin machines where you drop the coin in, it goes down a tunnel and drops into a bowl where it spins round and round then drops out? Well, that is how our slide works. And I haven’t found the urge to test it yet. I have promised I will try it one day but it will definitely require a couple of beers first. The funny part is, due to all the top notch pool attractions, we have lots of “new” friends in the summer. I already had a friend invite herself yesterday. I have decided we should charge a fee to all our “new” friends each summer and it might cover our neighborhood dues each year. Now off for some summer fun!