The little things in life…

fun master picture

I have the joy of helping at my kids’ school once in a while; it is so nice to see what takes place during their day and how much they love it! And what a huge relief to see your children interacting with other children, happy and loving to learn. (On a light note, based on the “college fund” that we gave Primrose Schools in the early years of their lives, they better be the smartest, most social children at the school!)

Just last week there was a Mardi Gras wagon parade at the school (it was delayed due to the EXTREME winter weather Atlanta experienced that caused school cancellations the week before…yes “EXTREME” is sarcastic!). This parade was something that seemed so uneventful to the adults, but the children were so excited about this wagon parade all day, that the teachers had a hard time keeping them focused on school work. I look at these types of things and look at my kids every day and realize how much your perspective changes in adulthood. Why does it take so much to thrill us as adults? My children are always so excited about their next birthday, losing their next tooth…I am about to turn 40 and let me just say, I am not counting down the days because I am so excited…I am counting down the days I have left in my 30s wondering where the time has gone and wondering if we can slow things down.

I try my best every day to encourage their creative minds, pretend play, youthful thinking but sometimes it does require me to take a step back and correct myself. As grown-ups we often try to rush them along in our busy days and I remind myself, how unfair that is. Let them play school, color and make a mess on the kitchen table, paint, dress-up, make paper airplanes…let them be kids. And mostly importantly, learn something from them…slow down and enjoy life. The house doesn’t have to always be spotless. And who cares if dinner is not on the table at 6PM as planned?


A Frozen Summer

It may be hot and sunny here in the ATL but inside this house it is still Frozen…yes I can almost quote the movie because I have seen it so many times. I even have three songs from the movie on my iPhone (as requested) so we can listen to them in the car! Well, I was unloading the dishwasher when my daughter told me it was time to play Frozen. A little curious what that meant, I stopped the dishes and played along. Basically, she wanted to start from the beginning and reenact the movie. I was quickly corrected if I got any line wrong.

So many times I get wrapped up with cleaning the house, doing laundry and emptying the dishwasher that I forget to take time to enjoy the four year old that wants to play pretend. My first impulse is to say, “give me five more minutes sweetie.” But I have tried lately to step away from the crazy house maintenance and spend that special time with my kids. My son will ask for cuddle time…I love cuddle time! Before I know it they will be grown up and thinking mom and dad are so NOT cool! My house is far from spotless. If you want to come by, you are more than welcome, I just need an hour to hide laundry, shut doors and clean up enough to make things presentable. But I love this priceless time with my kids that I will never get back. There will be plenty of time to clean later.